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History & Maps of Main Drain Parkway

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The Main Drain Parkway (along the Main Drain Canal) was first conceived by city planners as early as the late 1990s as the central bike/walk/equestrian path in the southern part of the city. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan update in 2005 referred to the parkway as “the primary bicycle/pedestrian and equestrian link in Southport”. It would provide safe and easy pedestrian and bicycle access from the Bridgeway Island, Rivermont and Bridgeway Lakes neighborhoods to shopping, restaurants, schools, the community center, and wilderness access to Lake Washington and the Barge Canal nature area. It would help bicycle commuters connect to downtown Sacramento. Everyone agrees this link is of central importance for the city.

It will help with green transportation, community pride and involvement, local home values, and entertainment for local residents.